Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Making Cards

I've spent so much of the last few months with my cricut and all the costco demos that I thought it was time for something different. So, I pulled out my pazzle. Here is a quick walk through on making your own card. I promise video as soon as my demo work is over in a few weeks.

First you'll want to make a rectangle. Click on the rectange from the side tool bar and drag to any size. We'll resize the whole card when we finish.

Then you'll want to make your score line or as I call it a kiss cut line. Choose your kiss cut (+ sign on the tool bar) and take it to the top of the rectangle. Click and drag it down. To make it straight hold down the shift key.

Now, lets make sure that score/kiss line is in the center of the rectange. Select both the score/kiss line and rectangle. Then click on your justification tool and choose align center from the top tool bar.

While you have both selected go ahead and change the size. Click "C" which brings up the condense option. You'll want to choose 8.5 x 5/5 for a standard card. Then apply.

Save this as a templete for any size card you wish to make.


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