Thursday, October 21, 2010

Snowman card

Here's a cute little card we'll be making in my upcoming card class. It uses one of my favorite items-glitter mist! And another great $$ saver-fingernail polish. The stamp is inkadinkado with added color via stickles. Most of my ink pads are from CTMH but I had to stamp this cute guy with the Ranger Archival Ink. I couldn't figure out why the snowman was smearing when I went over him with the stickles. A trip to my local LSS, a few buck for some more ink and I was good to go. Still learning something every day!

Once you get the hand of spraying the mist it is so fun to use and adds that little bit of "splash or bling" to your project. I used some clear sparkling nail polish to cover the plain snowflake brads. The nail polish being enamel will adhere to the metal brads. I tend to purchase the white or more plain brads and bling them up with my nail polish. Works great!! It also works great in a pinch as a glass paint. Fingernail polish and papercrafting, who knew??


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pointessa card

Did I spell that right? All I know for sure is this is a super cute wpc file that I purchased and just had to cut. Of course, I'm having a blast with my stickles, and my new MS glitter glue. They are both awesome products. I have to say that IMO the stickles just hold their shape better. But, both hold their shine and shimmer!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hybrid stamps

For those who know me you know that I am not a super stamper. Maybe it's because I do mainly scrapbooks and not cards, but, stamping, coloring and then cutting is not for me (as you can see in the pictures)! I never was a color in the lines type of girl.
When I did my Halloween layout I needed a tombstone or two so I went to a font website and downloaded tombstone dingbats. Printed them out, cut and colored and I was good to go. Yep, I could have used a stamp but in this case I didn't have one and was not inclined to drive to the store and buy one.
One of the cards I'll be doing in my upcoming class needs Christmas bells. Small Christmas bells. They type I'll most likely not reuse on a 12x12 layout. Off to the font site I went again.
Some people call this hybrid card making or hybrid layouts. All I know is there is a ton of savings to be found online. I for one, am all for savings!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bags and Tags

I've been working on these tags now for over a month. It took me that long to finally rip the page out of an old music book that I picked up at the library's book sale. Books to me are to be treasured, not ripped. Even though I bought the book specifically to make tags it took a while to work up my courage and rip out a page. It's a holiday song book from 1962 held together with brittle tape in places. If it wasn't perfect for the tags, I'd have placed it on the shelf right next to MY old vintage dictionary. I can't work up the courage to rip a page from the dictionary yet. But I keep trying.
These tags and bags are specifically for my upcoming classes at the Senior Center through the Mt. Si. Community Center. I'll also have them in my booth at the annual Si View bazaar. I just love the holiday season!