Friday, November 12, 2010

Nothing, nada, it's just not there

call it attack of the weather. It's actually been a really nice fall, by Seattle standards. This has left me wanting to spend most of my time outside. The thought of sitting inside working on a lO is just so darn unappealing. Thus, my creativity has gone, vanished, disappeared.

I know that scrapbooking is a great creative outlet! I love the fact that you can take a couple sheets of paper, a picture or 2, a little time and create a treasured page. I also like going to the LSS and loading up on all the fun, cute new items, then taking the above and creating a treasured page.

I've been cleaning my scrapping space and realize that I have so much yet I'm still in a rut. I don't really want to sit and scrap. I was so looking forward to the CKC Seattle. Browse the isles, do some make and takes, get my creative mojo back. Scott's on call this weekend so it didn't happen. In fact, it seems that there is someone someplace that is making it near impossible to create.
Last month I wanted to order a paper pack. Told my friend what I wanted to order and it was ok to hold off a week or so (so we could add it to someones order and split the shipping.) Order never came in. I guess it wasn't placed. Yep, my feeling were hurt but I got to thinking maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

I've decided maybe I need to do an "out with the old, in with the new" sale. I'm going to spend the next few days organizing and selling off some stamps and papers. Maybe then I can get back to scrapping! Back to doing what I love to do.
We'll see.

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